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To our valued guests:


As we continue to navigate through the global pandemic, we ask that you take the time to read about our ongoing efforts to maintain the health and safety of all Blue Daisy guests and staff.


  1. Please check the text on your cell phone of the number on file BEFORE entering the salon. Be sure to reply “y” to the text received 15 min prior to the start of your appointment time. Upon doing so, you are “checked in”. We ask that you wait in your vehicle or remain outside of the salon until you receive a subsequent text from your service provider instructing you to come in for your appointment. If it is 15 minutes PAST your appointment time, please enter the building to inquire.

  2. At this time we do not have a waiting area. We are only able to accommodate the person receiving a service. We do not allow additional people in the salon unless buying product or booking a service. Children under the age of 10 may have 1 adult chaperone during the service. We ask that the adult maintains a safe distance at the discretion of our staff.

  3. Due to limited staffing of our front line, We highly encourage booking all appointments online or prebook with your service provider at your appointment.

  4. If you prefer your service provider to wear a mask, feel free to request at the start of your service. Also be advised that you may be requested to wear a mask at the discretion of your service provider.


Again, we appreciate your business and support as we stand together against the Covid-19 pandemic. Safety is the new luxury. We will see you soon!

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